Omey Island "Last Man Standing", The Book.

Omey Island "Last Man Standing" will be available for shipping on September 10th 2013, you can pre-order your copy here. This book (Hardback, 104 pages) is a document of Pascal Whelan and his life on Omey Island, County Galway. Pascal is a former stuntman who travelled the world plying his trade in movies,TV and live shows. However after the death of a work colleague/friend during a live show Pascal's career was finished. Pascal returned to Omey Island where he lives alone to this day. The book consists of 46 color photographs taken on Omey between 2008-2013, it includes an assortment of archival material from newspaper cuttings, old photographs from Pascal's personal album, letters, a small map and a brief history of Omey Island. You can view a small selection of  the color photographs in the Personal-Omey Island section of this website.